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Goa weather..
Check your Goa weather here. This is the official site of the Indian Meteorological Department, straight from Mausam Bhavan in New Delhi. For Goa, you get the max/min temp, 24-hour rainfall, sunset and sunrise timings and those of the moon too. Could have been more detailed!

BB Cafe's home page
Vikram Sundarji wants to develop this into a very happening space within Goa. I stumbled across it thanks to my Dutch (Net) friend Patrice Reimens. Happening place... interesting concept. Check it out. (In Feb 2002 it included a focus on tribal art, dance workshop, world music jam session (every Sunday from 5 pm), literary circle meet, creative writing workshop, and more.... on Warren Noronha
Eddie Fernandes, that bottomless resource of all info Goan, sees this as "very good photographs of Warren & his collection". Warren is yet to be adequately recognised in his home state. And no, I'm no (known) relation of his despite sharing a surname.

Goa Trance pictures...
Need I say it? It's ... psychedellic.

Cliff's Vivagoa site...
Many different things about Goa. Goans abroad and locally-based. Gallery, Goa history, quizzes. Even a Goa A to Z. Web-master Clifford Eutimio D'Souza is a Bahrain-born Goan. His "fifteen golden rules" are interesting!

CSI, the Computer Society of India (Goa)
One of the useful professional associations in the state (even if the website needs updating). As a journo, I wrangled membership of the CSI... because it's a useful place to learn computer-related things. This website could benefit from being more info-rich. But do IT professionals have the time for such activities... the recession notwithstanding? Don't take this as a criticism, I'm pro-CSI.

Photos of Goa (by FN)
Check out some wallpapers, which you can download for free, and use on your desktop. Reminds you of home while you're away...

Photoguide to Goa
Photos include Old Goa cathedrals, Ponda temples, Panaji fruit and fish markets, Anjuna beach market, On the beach, Cows and palm trees, Transport, and Goa views.

Goa, Goa Travel, Goa Beaches....
Sun. Sand. Beaches. Holiday plan for Goa. Air bookings. Goa maps. These guys are making the point that "Goa (is) the beach capital of India". Whatever that means...'s promoters are based in Delhi.

Artist FN Souza
Famed artist of Goan origin (based in New York) FN Souza's site. Check out some of his works here.

Goa's "premier art site" is pianist Rudolf Kammermeier and his wife Yolanda (nee De Souza, better known as a Goan sports star of the yesteryears) initiative. They run the art chamber, Galeria de Bellas Artes, in Calangute and say the site is "primarily for the exposure of Goan art and artists world wide through the Internet".

Goa weather forecasts (on Yahoo)
Seldom agrees with the official versions of the weather. But it's for readers to judge which is more accurate (and detailed)!

Goa Gill's home page
Someone creating history at Anjuna... check it out.

Promises to unite the Goan community. Site by Dr Ambert Pimenta. Links to tourist info, a chat room, postcards, car deals, infotech, soulmates, hotels and clubs, Goan recipes, real estates, Goa links... etc. Needs updating.

Goa, a psychedelic and spiritual destination....
This is not Goanet, the mailing list. Neither is this, the commercial website. It's a page that deals with projecting Goa "a psychedelic and spiritual destination".

Catholic Encyclopedia: Archdiocese of Goa
Interesting tidbits: "The archbishop, who resides at Panjim, or New Goa, has the honorary titles of Primate of the East and (from 1886) Patriarch of the East Indies. He enjoys the privilege of presiding over all national councils of the East Indies, which must originally be held at Goa (Concordat of 1886 between the Holy See and Portugal, art. 2)."

Boogie Viegas'
Engineer Boogie Viegas is now based in Canada. He probably deserves a bravery award for struggling with Goa's terribly slow Internet connects in the late 'nineties (when the Net was just coming to Goa). He did it, and put up this site. Because of the geographic distance, it might not be possible to keep it updated. But a visit to it can be easily recommended. So what if I don't agree with the colour combinations? One remembers that haunting picture (a toddy-tapper silhouette) from years back... and Mario's drawings. There was talk of reconstructing this site. It deserves to happen...

Benedict Lobo's Goaworld.Com
From the site: " Goaworld.Com was started way back in 1997 by a Goan NRI (Benedict Lobo) based in Dubai.The site initially went by the name of Goanfenny and was started as a home page by this webmaster." Claims to be the first Goan site to offer Konkani music, free. Must admit, was ignorant of the site till today (Feb 16, 2002).

Konkani Tutor (Jaime X. D'Mello's)
Jaime X D'Mello's Konkani-tutor on Much appreciated in the difficulties anyone outside Goa has to face to learn this language otherwise. Jaime is from Moira, Goa and is based in Woodbury, MN. Email him at

InterHash Goa 2002
"Be a part of the largest Hash train ever." 27-29 September 2002. Don't ask me what this is all about...

Goa Sudharop
The US-based Goa Sudharop Community Development, Inc. An expat-run organization "dedicated to Goa's development". Their suggestion is don't just surf-n-browse. DO something for Goa. You can get involved in Goa's development...Lists of non-profits and voluntary groups in Goa (working on environment, women's and other issues). Check out the Goa Schools Computers Project, the International Goan Health Project (planning stage) and more...

Sandesh Prabhudessai's Goanews
A news-site. Mainly writings of Goa-based journo Sandesh Prabhudessai. Has sections on society, economy, politics, issues, infrastructure, personalities.
The psychedellic graphic on the home-page gives a hint of what it's about. geht demnächst weiter! A link takes you to ... you tend to wonder what's going on there.

Lonely Planet... on Goa
The famous guide-book's portrayal of Goa. "It's a shame Goa comes burdened with a history of louche living, because there's so much more to it than sun, sand and psychedelia." Check it out!

While Marlon and Uly opted for the web-route, Herman Carneiro (then 19, at North-Eastern Univ, Boston) launched what was probably the first mailing-list on Goa. It grew into a mature, volunteer-driven organisation with some 4000 members on its different lists as of Feb 2002. But don't take my word for it. I'm a volunteer involved closely with GoaNet... and loving every minute of it! Including the heart-burn it occasionally causes, and the misunderstandings created between one-time friends....

Arguably the grand-mummy of Goa sites, and unquestionably the pioneer in not-for-profit sites. Launched as a labour of love by Ulysses Menezes in Kuwait. Includes cartoons, pictures, community links and a Konkani tutor.

Probably the grand-daddy of all Goa sites. Has its roots in Marlon Menezes' amateur site called GoaWeb, started in the mid-nineties, while Marlon was a student in UIUC. Unlike GoaWeb, Goacom is commercially run. Rich in content. Much of it lies hidden though in layers below the surface. My view: this would have been far, far more impressive as a news-driven site. (For that, you'll have to go to On the upside, they offer free hosting space to all non-profits linked in some way to Goa. This draws in more content and... you guessed it, page-hits.

Goa's Linux users group (mailing list)
Messages, photographs and links... put up by GNU/Linux computer software enthusiasts in (and beyond) Goa.

Google's search page for Goa
Just click on this... and you'll come across "about 609,000" entries (as of Feb 16, 2002). Some include irrelevant-to-us listings like GOA, the Guns Owners of America. Lot of tourist sites... some for tourists, and others set up by tourists. Including Goa Trance enthusiasts and others...

Another Goa...
This page, put up by journo Niraj Naik, talks about the huge problems caused by Goa's mining sector (tucked away in the interior of the state). Including the 'resistance' put up by pockets of villagers. Also includes a executive summary of the TERI report on environmental management of Goa's mining belt. Info on Sanguem (Goa's largest taluka, areawise) and on careers for youth... Naik's other concerns.

Dempos... a Goan business house
Official page of one of the big business houses in Goa, the Dempos. For long in mining, newspaper publishing (Navhind Times, Navprabha), running colleges (Dempo, Dhempe) and diversified into various activities. The site says that in the year 1600 a "fleet of small sailing crafts called 'Pangayas' set sail to enter the ever-expanding oceans of the country's commerce... they were an enterprise launched by the Dempo family".

Send flowers ... to Goa
E-business site to deliver flowers to Goa... and gifts or cakes too. Promises to even "air your house, order a Goan newspaper and more".

Mapusa Plus... community paper
There's this new crop of freesheeters published from Vasco, Mapusa, Panjim and Margao. 'Mapusa Plus' comes from this network. Brought out by a team of ex-journos from Gomantak Times/Weekender. Since readers don't pay, the advertisers (who do) get a wider say. Still an interesting read... more so in a state where the local press often tries hard to cover India and the rest of the world... overlooking much of what's happening in its own backyard. This tabloid comes out twice monthly. If you're from around Bardez, there's special reason to check it out.

Goa's CAs
Goa branch of the CA's (chartered accountants) professional body. Includes branch info, officebearers list, members' directory... even a list of articled clerks. There's also a student section for those slogging to be a CA.